Do you need some help on your video game or physical game? These are only some of the services I offer:

  • Writing, Editing, Style Guides
  • Game Design (and GDD creation & editing)
  • Playtest sessions
  • Consultation & Feedback
  • QA Setup & Testing
  • Stylised Asset Creation
  • Voiceover Casting
  • Git Version Control setup & crash course
  • Blender crash courses

For my 2D & 3D work, see the Visuals page!

I am currently producing an adult party game with a small team, which we are pitching to several clients. Unfortunately I cannot show you anything due to NDA, but it’s REALLY fun. So I know a thing or two about game design.

I directed the company Junction Shark for a few years; we pre-produced story-driven games. I pitched one of those to Sony in Soho, and they liked it so much they gave us a PlayStation® developer licence on the spot.

I can help with QA on your video game (previous credits include Sonic Generations, Brock Crocodile, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more.) I can set up a Bug Database for you and tailor it to your game’s needs. You need Test Plans (with progress trackers)? Or QA itself? Get in touch.

I can consult on story, UI/UX, ‘Game Feel’, and if you’re a complete beginner and want to independently make a game… I can offer consultation sessions on where to start!

When it comes to video games, most of my expertise so far is in RPGs, Arcade, Retro style, casual, and mobile. But I found that genres are just that – the knowledge transcends.

I currently don’t have access to PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo TRCs, but I can guide you on how you can request them from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo — I am happy to work as your contracted employee for the sake of working on those areas… with the platform holder’s blessing of course. Annoying, I know, but that’s just the way things work.