I’m currently studying Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne, where I’m training as a Sound Recordist & Mixer.

Getting proficient & acquiring all the equipment to work in sound came with a hefty price tag… so please understand that I charge a fee for every project I take on.

It’s not the gear, it’s how you use it, but just to instill some confidence I have added a list of what I use below.


  • Neat King Bee (x2)
  • Sony ECM-678 Shotgun Mic
  • Samson C02 (x2)
  • Sony PCM-M10
  • Rode Blimp
  • Rode Boom Pole
  • Tascam DR-60D Field Recorder
  • Native Instruments Komplete Audio USB-1
  • Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer (For Live performances)
  • M-Audio BX3 (Monitors)
  • ATH-M50X (Monitors)


  • Adobe Audition, Premiere
  • Davinci Resolve (Fairlight)
  • Reaper (Learning)
  • Pro Tools (Learning)

I’m currently working on the narrative podcast ‘A Search Party of One’. This will be a few episodes long, and follow the journey of a village’s fool hopelessly looking for traces of loved ones in abandoned places.